Rocket Fuel was established after being at the Sydney bike film festival. Seeing so many riders who were trying to incorporate the cycling look into their everyday wardrobe and failing, showed there was a need to create stylish wear that works on and off the bike.

Getting to work the very next day after the film festival I created the pattern and tested and fitted and reworked the pattern and construction to come up with the great fitting cycling caps we sell today.

Products made for the website are created using a variety of fabrics many of which are vintage. All fabrics are selected, matched with trims, coloured highlights and turned into the cycling goodness that is available to the customers. With many of the fabrics we use in limited supply many of our pieces are exclusives with no one else ever able to own the same piece as the one you purchase.

All products are made individually sewn and are sweatshop free, ethical and sustainably produced. With a strong emphasis on reuse all scraps from cutting and sewing are saved and where possible turned into products, patchwork blankets, cushions and products and if too small for that used as stuffing for cushions and toys.

What’s in a name? or why Rocket Fuel?

Many a better writer than I have mused on the needs, why’s, wherefores and what’s in a name? Rocket Fuel is many things and many people attribute their ideas to what this Rocket Fuel stands for.

What it really is (and keep this quiet as it may ruin our reputation for style) is that we’re really big Star Wars and space nerds and named the label after the thing that fuels the rockets to the stars. So it’s Rocket Fuel as in the power, propulsion etc.

Not terribly exciting explanation, but it’s the truth.